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Rock house
Since I grew up here in the Ozarks I grew up around many of these native stone houses so I took it for granted that everyone knew that a rock house was built out of... Rocks. This is a native sandstone found in fields, creek bottoms, and anywhere you try to dig a hole!

This particular house was built in the late 1930's or early 1940's. During the 2004 hurricaines in Florida a nice older gentleman came to see us. He was carrying a very old picture of this house; it seems that his dad built this house and his mom did the rock work. The house was constructed of red clay tiles - every wall has its own foundation - then that was covered with concrete, then the exterior was covered with rock. There are many interesting stones in the house, both the exterior and the fireplace. Our visitor said that their family used to travel all over the US collecting rocks for the mom to someday use in a house. We have petrified wood and quartz crystals among the rocks in the fireplace!